Mohammad Rezaul Islam

Senior Lecturer

MS in Electrical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, USA, 2013

BS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh, 2008

Office: SAC 912
Office hours:

Sunday: 11:20am-12:50pm; 2:40pm – 4:10pm

Monday: 11:20am-12:50pm

Tuesday: 11:20am-12:50pm; 2:40pm – 4:10pm

Wednesday: 11:20am-12:50pm

Phone: +88 02 55668200 Ext – 1545


Mohammad Rezaul Islam in an Electrical Engineer, Teacher, and Researcher. He has supervised 50+ Senior and Junior Design Projects and published 10+ Conference/Journal papers in his 5+ years of teaching experience. His research interests include Concepts and Laws of Physics, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, Photonics, Power Systems, and Renewable Energy, IoT, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Machine Learning and multidisciplinary approach for solving physical world problems.
Mr. Rezaul has a Master’s degree from Michigan Technological University (2013) in Electrical Engineering. He has worked on several projects on electromagnetic fields and waves as Research Assistant during his 2 years of graduate studies. He had his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Islamic University of Technology (2008) in Bangladesh. He has been awarded national and international scholarships in different levels of his studies.Mr. Rezaul is always looking forward to work enthusiastically in any research and project and always loves to learn new things, methods and practices. He has acted as a judge in a number of project competitions. Moreover, some of his supervised projects won awards in Capstone Innovation Challenge.

Research Areas

Research Interests

  • Antenna and Antenna systems
  • Computational Electromagnetics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Renewable Energy
  • Radio Astronomy


Selected Publications

  • Mohammad Rezaul Islam, Hasib Iqbal Mamun, “Energy Understanding Device (EUD): An Innovative Energy Metering and Monitoring Solution: Perspective Bangladesh,” Journal of Modern Science and Technology, Vol. 3. No. 1. March 2015 Issue. Pp.47-63, 2015
  • Monirul Islam, ASM Rashedul Huq, Rezwan Bin Kashem, Nadil Hassan, Mohammad Rezaul Islam, K. M. A. Salam, “GPS based Automatic Antenna Management System and Satellite Tracking,” Journal of Modern Science and Technology, 2017
  • Shovasis Kumar Biswas, Rishad Arfin, Ashfia Binte Habib, Syed Bin Amir, Zunayeed Bin Zahir, Mohammad Rezaul Islam, Md Hussain, “A Modified Design of a Hexagonal Circular Photonic Crystal Fiber with Large Negative Dispersion Properties and Ultrahigh Birefringence for Optical Broadband Communication,” Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2019
Conference Papers
  • Rafiya Hossain, Moonmoon Ahmed, Md. Mozadded Alfasani, Hasan U. Zaman, Mohammad Rezaul Islam, “Automated T oll Collection System,” 8th International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Civil Engineering (ICEECE'2016) Jan. 12-13, 2016 Dubai (UAE), 2016
  • Md. Rezaul Islam Md. Didarul Islam Sujon, Rumman Nasir, Mahbube Mozammel Ibne Habib, Majedul Islam Nomaan, Jayasree Baidya, “Agribot: Arduino Controlled Autonomous Multi-Purpose Farm Machinery Robot for Small to Medium Scale Cultivation,” 2018 International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems, 2018
  • Md Ehtesham Adnan, Noor Muhammad Dastagir, Jafrina Jabin, Ahmed Masud Chowdhury, Mohammad Rezaul Islam, “A cost effective electronic braille for visually impaired individuals,” Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10-HTC), 2017 IEEE Region 10, 2017
  • Mohammad Rezaul Islam, Fatin Hasnath Chowdhury, Sifat Rezwan, Mohammed Jawad Ishaque, Jamir Uddin Akanda, Abu Shaid Tuhel, Benazir Bashar Riddhe, “Novel design and performance analysis of a Mars exploration robot: Mars rover mongol pothik,” Third International Conference on Research in Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks (ICRCICN), 2017
  • Fatin Hasnath Chowdhury, Baized Shuvo, Mohammad Rezaul Islam, Tasfiqul Ghani, Saad Ahmed Akash, Rakib Ahsan, Nazia Nawar Hassan, “Design, control & performance analysis of secure you IoT based smart security system,” 8th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT), 2017
  • Hasan U Zaman, Fatin Hasnath Chowdhury, Rashik Ishrak Nahian, Tasfiqul Ghani, Baized Shuvo, Mohammad Rezaul Islam, SM Hasibul Hoq, “Design & Feasibility Analysis of Free to Walk,” ICEIC 2017 International Conference on Electronics, Information, and Communication, 2017
  • Nusrat Jahan Prithee Mohammad Rezaul Islam, Yesin Iqbal Asif, Jahir Rahman, Saurav Das Shuvo, Al Imran, “A Prominent Smart Gas Meter,” 2018 2nd International Conference on Electronics, Materials Engineering & Nano-Technology (IEMENTech), 2018
  • Sifat Rezwan, Wasit Ahmed, Mahrin Alam Mahia, Mohammad Rezaul Islam, “IoT Based Smart Inventory Management System for Kitchen Using Weight Sensors, LDR, LED, Arduino Mega and NodeMCU (ESP8266) Wi-Fi Module with Website and App,” 2018 Fourth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication & Automation (ICACCA), 2018

Research Projects & Grants

Ongoing Research Projects:

  • Solar-powered  electrical appliances
  • Ionospheric Communication method and devices
  • Cube Satellite and Remote Sensing
  • Automated Online Radio – online audio streaming software with automatic playlist generation option
  • Earthquake detection and early warning system


  • ‘NSU radio,’ funded by NSU on March 2017

Supervised Senior Design Projects

I have supervised several undergraduate students from CSE, EEE, and ETE program in their Capstone Design Projects 499 A & B, which is a two semester-long senior design course. This course involves multidisciplinary teams of students who build and test custom-designed systems, components, or engineering processes; showcase their finished product or solution, write a detailed technical report.

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

  1. Smart Shopping Trolley with Follower Mechanism
  2. Smart Helmet With Intelligent Monitoring & Notification System To Enforce Wearing Helmet While Driving Motorcycle Using GSM & GPS Technology
  3. CNC Based Arduino and Manual handwheel controlled drawing robot with position shifting
  4. IoT Base Early Warning System and Protect Nuclear Power Plant from Earthquake & Tsunami by Using GSM, MEAS, & Vibration Sensor
  5. ECEwiki – An web-based Assistant for ECE Department of NSU
  6. IoT Based Smart Inventory Management System Using Weight Cell, LDR, LED, Arduino Mega and NodeMCU (ESP8266) Wi-Fi Module
  7. Low-Cost Electronic Camera Stabilizer with Three-Axis Stabilization using Brushless Gimbal Motor and Controller
  8. Delivery Bot: An Autonomous System
  9. Smart Following luggage using Arduino UNO, GPS and Compass Module
  10. River Erosion Reduction along with Electricity Generation Using Portable Hydroelectric generator

Summer 2017 – Fall 2017

  1. RFID based bus stop reminder through a speaker with name displayed on an LCD screen and distance measurement between bus stops controlled by Arduino along with bus location tracking using GPS and GSM module
  2. Smart cane for visually impaired people with staircase detection and location tracking feature
  3. Wave energy harvesting system using mechanical arms and turbine
  4. Real-time face detection, recognition, and verification technology for enhancing the security of bank ATM Booth and account holder’s  using Raspberry Pi, Webcam module, image processing with OpenCV library and cascade classifier
  5. TripTroop – “One-stop travel solution “ with travel mate recommendation system based on activities of a user by the content-based collaborative filtering algorithm
  6. Bank Security System Based on Fingerprint, RFID, Magnetic Sensor, DTMF & GSM Technology Using Arduino Uno and Mega

Spring 2017 – Summer 2017

  1. Electronic Eye-drop Aid, eye detection and squeezing of eyedrop mechanism (won prize)
  2. Automatic Medicine Dispensing Unit accessible using smartphone and internet
  3. Mars Rover to compete in URC 2018, won 2 prizes
  4. Solar Powered Refrigerator, supply-demand analysis
  5. Electricity Generator from Speed Breaker with Rack and Pinion mechanism
  6. Electricity Generator from ocean wave and ocean current simultaneously
  7. Electricity Generator from airborne wind energy harvesting device
  8. Electricity Generator from a pedal-powered generator for Gymnasium with a changeable gap between stator and rotor to implement variable torque requirement while exercising
  9. Arduino based 3D printer using 3D printing pen and leftover printer sliders (won prize)
  10. Shifu; A smart device for emergency medical support
  11. Recommendation system for Tourism in Bangladesh using a machine learning algorithm
  12. Classroom Management System with features to help department head about course offering and management of various classroom tasks of individual and student groups
  13. 2D and 3D room mapping robot operated by laptop computer
  14. Automation in Hydroponic Cultivation System for a large scale production unit

Summer 2016 – Fall 2016

  1. Portable Electronic Braille for visually impaired people using solenoid and pin, won 1 prize
  2. Energy Harvesting from Vertical Axis Magnetically Levitated Wind Turbine
  3. Smart gas meter for household application, to check and measure the use of gasoline from a gas cylinder with automatic refill request to the service provider via GSM network
  4. Implementation of low cost portable 3-lead real-time ECG for rural medical centers
  5. Design of a three-wheel Indoor Mobility Vehicle for industrial park and ports
  6. Smart and Motorized Bicycle, control of seat lifting using a smartphone
  7. A hybrid vehicle, a small car powered by electricity and fossil fuel
  8. IoT Based Smart Alarm Clock with the access to device and curtain
  9. PIPOBOT: A heavy-duty robot designed to move through circular pipes of various diameter
  10. AGRIBOT: A robot to plow, seed, and water small scale cultivation land autonomously
  11. Crewless Surveillance Vehicle, A quadcopter with wheels for air and ground coverage
  12. Baby monitoring device connected to a smartphone and sensor-based mattress
  13. Health Monitoring Device to detect heart attack and notification system using GSM network
  14. Maximum Power Point Tracker for solar panel

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

  1. Text transmission by VLC (Visible Light Communication) using LED Diode
  2. Near Field WPT using Resonant Inductive Coupling for charging low voltage appliances
  3. A sensor-based Anti Theft Door Lock and notification using GSM network and internet
  4. Sensor-based Home Security System with wifi and web access
  5. Home Security System using face detection and recognition method
  6. Sensor-based Home Automation system with wifi and web access
  7. Fire Surveillance car operated using a mobile application
  8. Solar-powered Rickshaw with Maximum Power Point Tracking circuit
  9. Automatic Irrigation for vast cultivation land using GSM network
  10. 2D Distance Measurement using Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor
  11. Online Case Management for Bangladesh
  12. Online Clinic Management for the small diagnostic center and health service provider


Project Experiences as a student

MSc Project: Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP), as RA of Prof. Dr. Warren Perger, MTU      Jan 2012 – Dec 2012

Sponsor: Electro-Dynamic Applications (EDA), Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Objective: To develop a faster and more efficient curing technique for the CIPP system utilizing MW heating. CIPP is a trenchless rehabilitation method for the broken pipeline by epoxy coating

  • Investigated frequency response of Ethylene Glycol epoxy and chose 2.45 GHz Magnetron
  • Designed (3D) cavity magnetron and total framework of the existing CIPP system in COMSOL
  • Optimized radius, the thickness of liner and support cylinder for efficient heating using COMSOL
  • Investigated several configurations and achieved up to 66.22% absorption of MW energy
  • Wrote detailed technical reports and collaborated with sponsor’s progress in the project

Project: E-shaped patch antenna, supervised by Prof. Dr. Warren Perger, MTU          Sep 2012 – Dec 2012

Objective: To design, simulate, construct, verify an antenna in a team of 3

  • Reviewed literature, chose E shaped patch antenna for its high BW
  • Determined dimensions of patch and ground plane for center frequency 2.45 GHz using FEKO
  • Optimized feed location for 50 Ω resistance and slot dimensions for high BW using COMSOL
  • Constructed on RT HF laminates, verified in Anechoic Chamber, wrote a detailed report

Project: Graphene paper bio-sensor, as RA of Prof. Dr. Warren Perger, MTU                         June 2012

Collaboration: Department of Chemical Engineering, MTU

Objective: Solve inconsistency in measured Surface Resistivity (SR) when source polarity is reversed

  • Identified ASTM D4496 test standard is not suitable, as graphene paper has low SR
  • Researched other test standards, suggested using the ‘Van der Pauw’ method
  • Recognized couple of methodological error in test technique and on experiment material

Project: Solar Economics, supervised by Prof. Dr. Joshua M. Pearce, MTU                   Jan 2012 – Apr 2012

Objective: To write a journal article on ‘Energy Policy’ evaluating annuity as a solar investment policy

  • Reviewed literature on solar incentives, consulted with visiting scholar, Economics Dept. MTU
  • Calculated the cost of a solar-based power plant using RETscreen
  • Developed essential tools and base equations, provided a sensitivity analysis