Minor in CSE for BSEEE and BSETE

Bachelor of Science in EEE or ETE with Minor in CSE

Course Requirements for Minor in CSE for the students enrolled in the BSEEE or BSETE:

Cours Course Title Credits
CSE 115 Programming Language I 3
CSE 115L Programming Language I Lab 1
CSE 215 Programming Language II 3
CSE 215L Programming Language II Lab 1
CSE 225 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
CSE 225L Data Structures and Algorithms Lab 1
CSE 332 Computer Organization and Design 3
CSC 273 Theory of Computation 3
CSC 311 Database Systems 3
CSE 323 Operating Systems Design 3
CSC 440 Artificial Intelligence 3
CSC 373 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
Total 33