About Us

Since the department’s inception in 1993, it has gone through many transformations and transitions. Started off as the Department of Computer Science, it was one of Bangladesh’s first Computer Science Departments and a founding department of Bangladesh’s pioneer private university, the North South University (NSU). In the beginning, the department started with a handful of faculty members and students. Today it houses more than 35 full time faculty members and about four thousand students.

During the last two decades, the department has made significant contributions to Bangladesh’s emerging ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry. ‘Dhaka Racing’, Bangladesh’s first ever 3-D computer game was developed by two of NSU’s brightest alumnus: Ashik Noon and Adnan Karim. Both of them were awarded with Bangladesh President’s special  award for their groundbreaking contribution.  Like the two, many NSU ECE graduates continue to be the unsung heroes of Bangladesh’s computer software and hardware industry through their priceless and tireless work.

On numerous occasions, we played proud hosts of the world renowned ACM ICPC (ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest) regional qualifiers. On three occasions, students of this department have participated at the world finals of ACM ICPC, putting the ECE department on the map of world’s computer science community. Bangladesh’s first IEEE sponsored wireless conference (ICNEWS 2006) was hosted by the then Department of CSE (now Department of ECE). The conference was a seeming success roping in big names such as Samsung, Nokia, Siemens, IBM, Motorola and many more.

Apart from industrial contributions, the Department of ECE has a rich culture of research and project building. With the combination of talented students and faculty members who have attained apex training at reputed institutions such as Georgia Institute of Technology, Dartmouth College, Oxford University, Columbia University and University of Stuttgart, the department manifests high end research. Their unwavering hard work along with NSU’s motto of excellence has allowed us to push boundaries of our research; for instance a robot that was built as a research project made it into the prestigious NASA Lunabotics competition in 2013. The event was hosted at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the Department of ECE at NSU made headlines for their honorable participation. In addition, the department strives to produce quality research, with most work being published in well-reputed international journals and presented at the world’s most esteemed conferences sponsored by the likes of IEEE and ACM.

The department is located on the 9th and 10th floors of the South Academic Building of NSU. Housed next to the Department of Mathematics and Physics, the close vicinity of faculties from both departments provides a rich blend of intellectual collaboration; with students conducting co-departmental research projects that have made the global intellectual community to take notice. In terms of infrastructural strength, the department is adequately equipped with dedicated computer, electrical, electronic and telecommunication laboratories with state of the art technology providing the students with all the latest technologies of today’s world.

Finally, we invite you to take a virtual tour around our website and pay a physical visit to the department and meet our highly qualified faculty members along with the enthusiastic students.