3rd Eye

Title 3rd Eye
Authors Deboprio Mani(deboprio.mani@northsouth.edu)
Supervisor Dr. Nova Ahmed
Semester Fall, 2018

Car accidents in highways of Bangladesh is very common which takes place during overtake since most of the critical roads have a single lane. Once a vehicle overtakes a large one (e.g., truck), it is often the case that the overtaking vehicle faces another one in the wrong side. A possible solution approach can be: a live streaming video surveillance system for shooting wide angle videos in front of a vehicle and display live stream of the video on the monitor which is located at the back side of the vehicle. Since overtaking is one of the major causes of the road accident, this will help the driver to make better decision while overtaking the vehicle in front as he can basically observe what the driver in front of him can see. The system is expected to reduce accident in highways while overtaking.