A complete design of dynamic health care system

Title A complete design of dynamic health care system
Authors Md. Abdul Qayyum Faisal, Salma Aktar, Md. Hassan Shahrear
Semester Fall, 2015

s2g8p1We create database related website, where we have huge data about hospital, diagnostic center, blood bank, Pharmacy and specialized doctor.

  • Anyone can search and locate hospital, diagnostic center, blood bank, Pharmacy by providing division district and location, in conveniently area.
  • By providing information about disease we can easily get help from online doctor.
  • Facilities like online appointment and chat with doctor can create good scope for patient.
  • Provide the information and help to the Mass level people of our country

The motivation of this project are as follows:

  • In Bangladesh most people are unaware, superstitious and careless about health issues. We provide information through this system.
  • They can easily collect information about nearest hospital, diagnostic centre, blood bank and emergency ambulance service.
  • An online health care system can provide us total information and decrease our regular hassles

The system we have implemented in this project is the reflection of the endeavor towards developing a healthcare assistive system which can help a big community of urban, rural or illiterate people to know about diseases and prevention. Computers are more powerful day by day and technology can teach various things easier than book because of its ability to show things differently. This software can help people dynamically. Moreover, school children can be able to know about their health if the system can be used in school. We viewed this system to some user of different age group and got appreciation that it is really helpful to them.

Development to this work, we are planning to consider following in future: Specialized doctor in a community, Specific broad panel for some common need, Include a discussion board in our system where doctors can discuss with each other about any problem and make video tutorials in local languages. Though our system is now in initial level but we hope that the day is not so far when more research, development and effort will make this system a stronger, more efficient and a successful healthcare software solution all over the world.