Cost-Effective Design and Development of A Surveillance Robot

Title Cost-Effective Design and Development of A Surveillance Robot
Authors Mohammad Faisal, Md. Ariful Islam, Wahidul Ahad
Semester Fall, 2015

s2g3p1The project is about designing a surveillance robot using Arduino Uno, which is a little computer type microcontroller. The power supply for our robot is a DC power source; we have used a rechargeable lithium polymer battery of 11.2V. To control the robot we have used a Bluetooth controller which will be connected with an android application of a cell phone.

Key features of the robot:

  • Both self and cell phone controlled.
  • Can detect obstacle in front of it.
  • Displays temperature reading in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scale.
  • Other sensors can be added (eg. Gas sensor, motion sensor).
  • Environment friendly.
  • Cost effective.

Equipments: Arduino Uno, Utrasonic sensor, Temperature sensor, Motor, Chassis, Bluetooth module. L293D, Digital Display, Wires, Multimeter.

Total cost: 5000 BDT.

In our robot, the ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) is placed at the front part of the robot. The Arduino is programmed as, if an obstacle appear in front of the robot, and then it will stop no matter the Bluetooth controller commands it to go forward. The temperature sensor (LM35) is placed in free space a connected with the arduino, so that exact temperature can be showed in the digital display. A temporary cover is given to the robot, which can be open or changed easily to do the maintenance of the robot.