A Cost-Effective Design of a Smart Security System

Title A Cost-Effective Design of a Smart Security System
Authors Sayeedur Rahman, Fazle Elahi, Asif Anwar
Semester Fall, 2015

s1g1p2Now the whole world is moving towards automation and since Bangladesh is a developing country where theft and robbery is at its virtue, a Smart Security System is definitely something that people will demand for in the near future. This project is designed at developing the security of home against intruders. Our Smart Security System project consists of three basic sensors. It has the functionality of a door-lock using password via keypad. This module generates text to owner if 3 wrong passwords are entered consequently. In the keypad module there is a feature of calling the owner of the house. There are magnetic sensors which work for the safety of doors. When the sensors are interrupted, a buzzer and LED unit turns on indicating an unauthorized entry and also an SMS is generated to the owner. Laser IR sensorsare also used in the windows which when breached turns on the buzzer and LED units too. PIR sensors used inside the house and also works same as other sensors during the time of security breaches.The system has anuninterrupted power supply unit with a charging circuit. When the AC power goes off the system automatically goes into battery backup. Also when the battery charge goes below a certain level, it starts charging automatically. The alarm system can be armed and unarmed from owner’s phone too. Conventionally,we will be securing homes using the best gatekeeper.

Applications and Advantages:

  1. Cost effective reliable system affordable to general people of Bangladesh.
  2. Though the system is made on targeting home security but it can also be implemented in commercial places like industries, banks and museums.
  3. Market ready prototype for mass production.
  4. A keyless entry could be an option for homes in which several people need to have access at different times of the day, a keyless entry system could eliminate the loss of keys.