Title Agribot
Authors Mahbube Mozammel Ibne Habib, Rumman Nasir, Md. Didarul Islam
Semester Fall, 2016

Our project named Agribot is a prototype robot that will help farmers in the farmland. This is an arduino controlled robot that will be able to plough the land and then seed the land as well. Our robot will also be able to water the land when required. This robot is a semi-autonomous one and can replace the use of tractors and extra men in the crop fields. Thus can greatly contribute in reducing farmers cost, which will increase farmers profit margins.
Therefore our main motivation is to solve the major problems in the farming sector, by building a autonomous robot which will perform all the necessary steps for farming all by itself with predetermined programming. If our robot is implemented in the farming sector of Bangladesh, it will help to increase the production of crops and produce better quality of crops. It will also minimize the hard work of the farmers and keep them safe from the infections and diseases. This robot will also save lots of money as the farmers will not have to buy tractors since this robot will be affordable and cheap
We developed a prototype Electromechanical autonomous Robot which can perform basic farming chores like plough, seeding, watering. Other integrations like putting pesticides and fertilizers, cutting and carrying different sort of crops can be easily done if the project is funded later on. For this we will develop a 4 wheel chassis robot driven by DC motors which can do mapping of farmland using ultrasonic sensor and finds it’s own way to plough one strip to another without human intervention. The farming mechanism can be fitted at times of specific jobs.