Agricultural Monitor

Title Agricultural Monitor
Authors Rezwan Anjum Nibir, Tamim Ibn Aman, Rahul Biswas, Rahmat Ullah, Mohammad Golam Rabbi, Reza-e-Rabbi
Semester Fall, 2016

In Bangladesh farmers cultivate crops as they want and they do not know which crops will be better for their soil. Sometimes they miss the season of planting crops. As a result massive production chances are missed by farmers. Agricultural Monitor could partially solve this problems and create chances for farmers to increase their crop production. Agricultural Monitor is an agricultural monitoring system consists of hardware and software.

Hardware part is portable and can be used anywhere. It is built to put on a soil to get important soil data and Farmers can see those data through GSM from anywhere of Bangladesh to Agricultural Monitor server. Then the web service will help the farmer to generate the predicted crops which will be best for those types of soil. Data of different zone’s soil (SRDI) and kit data are stored in the database for processing and visualizations. If more data can also be stored, Agricultural monitor system will be more efficient. Though our main approach to give farmer prediction of crops based on learned data from SRDI and out kit soil data.To show predicted crops we generate a process and this process is generated by simple table matching process.
Agricultural Monitor is also open to all to see the soil condition of a Division, district and get some ideas about that area’s soil. But to see their soil analysis perfectly and predicted crops, every user must have Agricultural Monitor device and Agricultural Monitor will give a user panel to kit holder for that user zone visualization of soil kit data and crop prediction. On the other hand, the visualization tools of Agricultural Monitor will help farmer a lot as it makes the view of the soil condition easier. Our main goal is to deliver a technology that can make farmer’s life easier and increase their crop production. This project has the potential to bring new era to the agriculture of Bangladesh.