Agro Tracker

Title Agro Tracker
Authors Sakibul Hasan (
Supervisor Dr. Nova Ahmed
Semester Fall, 2018

Our project describes the low-cost design and implementation of fertility test of soil. Farmers in Bangladesh have fewer knowledge about farming technology than other farmers across the world. They tend to work on their farming without the help of technology as they are not aware of those technologies. In this paper, we report on a qualitative study conducted in rural areas of Bangladesh about how farmers and land owners manage their farming and growing crops and what are the problems they face on current situation. So we present a device that will be attached to their land, which will sense the fertilizer amount in their land so that farmers can get notified about the amount of fertilizer present in their land. Also we developed an app that will give the land owner a notification about the result sensed by the device in their lands. The main initiative is to develop the farming technology in Bangladesh, as many people of our county are dependent on farming, this can help them to achieve more profit from their farming land and also it?s a good prospective to Digital Bangladesh.