An Android & Web Application Based Disease Analyzer and Pharmacy

Title An Android & Web Application Based Disease Analyzer and Pharmacy
Authors Md. Mahbubur Rahman(
Supervisor Dr. Shazzad Hosain
Semester Fall, 2018

This smartphone and web app has dramatically reduced the time of patients waits for a consultation with a general practitioner by offering 24-hour access to a doctor via an automatic system. The system is good enough to manage 60% of primary care, diseases as well as a doctor would, with the speed and accuracy. The average waiting time for consultation is lesser for patients, compared to an average of approximately two weeks in a hospital. Consultations are shorter than a typical visit to the clinic as the doctor is able to access the information patients have given the app, in advance of talking to them. Besides, improves health outcomes and reduce pressure on emergency services. Not only this, the app also provides pharmacy where the user can purchase medicine online via PayPal. Moreover, during the purchase the data of purchase will be automatically update in the web app. In addition to these, the patient can also call the doctor. Then the doctor can accept the call request which will enable them to check the patient?s location, track by the map. So that the doctors can even visit the patients in case of emergency.