An Innovative System For Metropolitan Sound Pollution Management

Title An Innovative System For Metropolitan Sound Pollution Management
Authors Jafrul Islam Sojol(1430293042), Md. Hashmi Shihab(1320844042), Tanvir Ahamed(1331318042), Anika Haque(1612687645)
Supervisor Dr. Shahnewaz Siddique
Semester Summer, 2018

Due to rapid and uncontrolled urbanization, industrialization and increasing human activities, the problem of noise pollution in Dhaka city is worsening day by day. It is widely known that in many parts of Dhaka city, the sound regularly exceeds the acceptable healthy level. It has become a matter of concern that noise pollution continues to be a major threat to the people living in Dhaka city. Approximately 12 million people now live in the capital city, where traffic congestion is a regular phenomenon almost in every road, lane and by-lane. This traffic congestion is the root cause of noise pollution as most of the motor vehicles especially buses, mini-buses and trucks have hydraulic horns and the drivers are conditioned to honk continuously till they have clear space in front of them. Other reasons for honking that creates noise pollution include reckless driving, overtaking and drivers’ lack of knowledge on the impact of noise pollution. Since no projects currently exist within the city to tackle this issue, we are trying to develop something new which is essential for developing countries that will minimize the noise pollution defiantly.Using technological systems, Sound Pollution Reducer is a hardware and mobile based application system. The project involves the design and implementation of sound pollution monitoring system, which provides a solution to reduce the huge amounts of noise in Dhaka city; the project will give comfort to the people.