Analysis of Cardiac Disease Using Signal Processing

Title Analysis of Cardiac Disease Using Signal Processing
Authors Nowshin Mostafa(
Supervisor Dr. Tanzilur Rahman
Semester Fall, 2018

As our title suggest we wanted to analyze cardiac disease using Photo plethysmography (PPG). In this project we conducted heartbeat/ pulse/ BPM rate monitoring using Arduino and Pulse sensor. Pulse sensor is a noninvasive method for monitoring a person?s heartbeat/pulse/BPM rate by sensing the blood volume changes in the blood vessel. Body parts close to arteries (Fingertip, Earlobe, Forehead) are best place to palace pulse sensor for best output. For this work took data from fingertip. Using pulse sensor is a very easy way for this project but using by phone is much easier. Smartphones really made our life easier. Moreover smartphones have become a reliable device to monitor our health. So many projects have been done with smartphones for various diseases. Heart beats and pulse wave can be detected using smartphones. To analyze cardiac disease using a smartphone we need of course a smartphone with camera and take video recording keeping flash on. Reflection of the light provides the skin?s reading about the heart rate. We then processed these videos to data and analyzed furthermore to understand properties of cardiac disease. This is surely a better alternative of pulse sensor.