Arduino Weather Station

Title Arduino Weather Station
Authors Tousif Mohammad Alam, Reyasat Alam, Mazbaul Alam, Asif Imtiaz, Nashid Sultana, Anupom Roy
Semester Fall, 2016

In our Project, we made a low cost arduino weather station that measures the temperature, pressure, rain drop, humidity and wind speed. Our anemometer is handmade and is way cheaper than other solutions on the market. Usually, Internet based weather station does not give the exact value of weather reading in a particular place such as home or industry. Even if the data is collected it is not stored or it vanishes from time to time. We plan to use out weather station by measuring, temperature, humidity, pressure and wind speed locally at home, industry and laboratory which will gather the data from the area and store it in a data server. After collecting the data from database, we visualized the data in our website. In our visualization part, we showed the real-time update of the weather data that we found from the hardware. The system automatically visualized temperature, pressure, wind speed and humidity on bar chart. In our web interface, there are two type users- general user and administrator. General user only views the visualization and administrator will maintain the site. The project is based on the effective solution of the overall manual weather sensing station towards the digitalization and visualization of the weather system. We only used 4 sensors but more sensors can be attached to the weather station to monitor those data’s as well. Since ours is a portable solution and a plug and play operation many industries or testing facilities can make use of our weather station to monitor weather data remotely to help with their experiments. Farmers can also take help of our weather station in their work as well.