Automatic Level Crossing System in Railway Line

Title Automatic Level Crossing System in Railway Line
Authors Mohammad Rabiul Alam, Raihan Kaiser Sunny, A.S.M. Suad Rabbi
Semester Fall, 2015

train crossingWe’ve designed a microcontroller based automatic level crossing system. The system consists of two types of sensors namely, infrared (IR) and ultrasonic to detect the presence of train in the track. The IR and ultrasonic sensors are located alongside the track while an IR transmitter is attached to the train. The IR receiver only triggers at the signal that is coded onto the IR transmitter in the train. The ultrasonic sensors are used as distance measurers and check the presence of a train in the specified distance. When the sensors receive the correct signals, the microcontroller controls the motors to open and close the gates as required. There is also a warning system that comprises of laser diodes and Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs). This system checks for crossing occupancy after the gates have been closed and a train is incoming shortly. If there are any obstacles, warning lights placed along the track start to blink to warn the train driver of the situation so that he can slow down the train or stop as the circumstances entail. Emergency switches have also been included in the design. In case of emergencies, an authorized person can put the system to hold and control the gates manually using the switches provided.

Performance testing – On testing the prototype, we found that our system works really well most of the time. However, there have been few instances when a certain sensor fails to trigger. This is due to the unavailability of original products in this region. The replicas used in the prototype have a few known glitches which cause the disturbance.