Automatic Railway Gate with high speed alerting system

Title Automatic Railway Gate with high speed alerting system
Authors Irfanul Islam(1310921043), Shaikh Almas Alhel Anik(1230186043)
Supervisor Dr. Mahdy Rahman Chowdhury
Semester Summer, 2018

Automatic Railway Gate Control System with High Speed Alerting System is an innovative circuit which automatically controls the operation of railway gates detecting the arrival and departure of trains at the gate. It has detectors at the far away distance on the railway track which allows us to know the arrival and departure of the train.These detectors are given to microcontroller which activates the motors which open/close the railway gate correspondingly. Also another feature of this circuit is that it has an intelligent alerting system which detects the speed of the train that is arriving. If the speed is found to be higher than the normal speed, then the microcontroller automatically activates the alarm present at the gate. This alerts the passengers at the railway crossing on the road about this.This can be implemented in manned level crossings also, as manual errors can be eliminated by automation.