Automatic Water Level Indicator Using Ardunio Uno

Title Automatic Water Level Indicator Using Ardunio Uno
Authors Touhidul Alam Rizvi, Abdullah Al Noman, Gazi Imteaz Uddin
Semester Fall, 2015

water levelThe Water Level Indicator employs a simple mechanism to detect and indicate the water level in an overhead tank or any other water container.  The sensing is done by using a set of transistor and resistor which are placed at different levels on the tank. Our system will solve overflows problem, prevent wastage of energy and current, we don’t need to manually observation the tank and it is fully automatic. For this system the main equipments are Arduino board, a display to see the level, a relay to switch on/off the motor, transistor, resistor, power supply. We connect a wire with 5V battery and placed it in the bottom of the tank. This voltage will conduct the water. When there is no water in the tank the motor will automatically turn on and water will start flowing in the tank. As the water start increasing in the tank the level will get touched with the conducting water also. It will take the input and show it in the display. Here transistor is working as a switch. As the tank get full the top sensor will sense it and the motor will automatically turn off. Main question for us was will 5V supply will be enough for a big tank and what should be the distance of the level Then we do an experiment by changing the distance of the probe and we also observe the voltage to find this project distance dependent or not. From the experiment we can see that it is not distance dependent. It is also not temperature sensitive. Rather it is like time dependent .Because   resistivity increases with the increase of time. It happens because when potential difference is applied in water the “HO” ions are attached by potential terminal and “o” ions are attracted by negative terminal. (H2O= OH+ O+) By the flow of these ions water conduct current, there is a huge number of an ion available in water, the distance between two poles do not affect the input signal.