“baap re baap”: Managing stress using Android Application

Title “baap re baap”: Managing stress using Android Application
Authors Nur E Saba Tahsin, Sarika Azad
Semester Fall, 2016

Recent years stress is a very sensitive issue mostly in developing nations which hampers the natural well being. We are focusing on the driver’s level of stress or well being which is generated on this traffic behavior. Driving experience is highly different in a developing country than that in a developed country. Our goal is to study the driving experience from the perspective of drivers in developing countries and to detect the driver’s stress, by using low cost technology. So, we started from Dhaka and we named this study “BAP RE BAP!”

“Bap Re Bap” is a stress reducing android application that will help the user to reduce stress while driving.

As we all know that driving in streets of Dhaka creates a major challenge and complications in our daily life while travelling or even after that. The intense jam in roads and the rush when the jam releases make the drivers disoriented. Then the impacts of stress hinder all day at work after a morning drive to the office. Our project is based on both hardware and software. A custom system has been developed, a portable device and an android application. Taking readings from the external device, which can measure pulse rate in real time to find out the level of uncomfortable region, the application helps the driver. This app notifies the driver about his stress level condition. For example, if he has a higher pulse rate than normal, the app notifies him and suggests the driver not to drive for a while.

User can view graph representation of pulse rate. Since most of the drivers here are illiterate, our graph representation will be simple to understand with emoticons that shows expression of stress or relaxed. Daily challenge is a feature that will suggest the user different activity based on his pulse rate condition. Additionally, a music playlist will be saved in the app with different stress level tracks.
Almost everyone carries a mobile phone, so there is no additional cost for using the application.