BD Wedding Planner

Title BD Wedding Planner
Authors Md. Mazharul Islam(1421682042), Sabrina afrin Simi(1411103042), Md. Mozammel Hossain(1410700042)
Supervisor Dr. Shahnewaz Siddique
Semester Summer, 2018

In our project, we want to present the design and the implementation of an online wedding plan from which people can get their full wedding solution in an affordable budget and also can choose and select what kind of wedding plans they want to have. With the increasing demand of wedding planners in Bangladesh, we are going to make a proper system that can help the clients of wedding plan in their own budget and it’s for both high and middle class people. When clients check the website they can see hundreds of specialist on that sector and each of the items would be descripted, availability, expense and rating. This will be very efficient so that clients need not to go anywhere else for their wedding solution. One client can view and choice venue, stage, car, catering service, photographer, makeup artist, light setup, kazi selection, honeymoon destination etc. from online and compare with each other items. The system has been designed in such a manner that takes care of all the needs of a wedding planner and it is capable of providing all the requirements of a client would like to have. The whole process of meeting of weeding planners and client for the sake of briefly discussion can be replaced with the website and clients can be sure which is most fitted for them. This report show the most effective, user friendly, budget friendly, helpful wedding planner service that can cover A to Z of matrimony.