Brain Controlled Wheelchair for Paralyzed Patients

Title Brain Controlled Wheelchair for Paralyzed Patients
Authors Minhazul Hoque Ashik(
Supervisor Dr. Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan
Semester Fall, 2018

People who are impaired from motor movement due to certain diseases like strokes, Multiple sclerosis etc., face constant challenges to move or need constant attention from an assistant to move. Improving the quality of life for the elderly and disabled people and giving them the proper care at the right time is one of the most important roles that are to be performed by us being a responsible member of the society. In this paper we review different approaches of controlling wheel chair by reading EEG signal also known as brainwave signal, from the brain of the subject using a brain control interface. Electroencephalography (EEG) technique deploys an electrode cap that is placed on the user’s scalp for the acquisition of the EEG signals which are captured and translated into movement commands by the Arduino microcontroller which in turn move the wheelchair.