CampusRide: An Environment Friendly Ride Sharing Platform for Academic Institutions

Title CampusRide: An Environment Friendly Ride Sharing Platform for Academic Institutions
Authors Anindya Chowdhury (1110920042), Rubayath Alam (1130327042), Abid Jamal (1210208042)
Semester Summer, 2016

Road traffic is putting footprint on the environment and lower utilization of space in the private vehicles worsen the problem. In developing countries, the problem has become crucial as they do not have sufficient infrastructure for transportation. This paper presents the design and implementation of a ride sharing network designed to connect students in same institution who commute on the same route. Security of the students is considered to be the first priority in the design that is why the service will be provided within students of same institutes only. Someone can offer a ride to/from their institutes if they have seats available in their transport, or students can travel together on a public transport and split the fare. This way they can help reduce the number of transport travelling to/from each institute every day. In a survey among the students of an institution it is found that almost two third of the seats/space of the transports those people use are not used or empty. This ride sharing platform is a way to better utilize the empty seats in most passenger cars, thus lowering fuel usage and transport costs. It can serve areas not covered by public transport systems. Not only does it reduce our carbon footprint and reduce traffic on our roads, but it is an easy and effective way of reducing your travel costs and saving money. Ride sharing is a necessary mean that should have been introduced in our modern society for the betterment of our citizens and mainly students on their daily transport system in urban areas.

Accepted in IEEE CIT 2016, Fiji, Dec 8-10, 2016.