CitizenConnect: Connecting Citizens with Public Service Providers.

Title CitizenConnect: Connecting Citizens with Public Service Providers.
Authors Mohammad Adnan Shahriar(1210276042), Sadman Sakib (1211117042)
Semester Summer, 2016

There has been a tremendous advancement in the field of information and communication technology over the last two decades in over the world. In Bangladesh, the penetration of mobile phones is around 80% and 97% of the households have access to it. Internet usage via smartphones is also growing rapidly. Utilization of this mobile information and communication technology can be an effective means to provide customer services for any organizations specially the public organizations. The purpose of this paper is present and demonstrate the idea of an efficient way of connecting citizens with service providers especially in public sector of Bangladesh using all available communication and information technology tools. The City Corporations, a tier of Bangladesh local government system is the ideal ground to implement the idea. This paper is based on a project focused on the Waste Management Department of Dhaka North City Corporation. Proper functioning of any service chain depends on interaction and engagement of both the service providing authority and the service receivers. Inspired by Open311[1] initiative, this project implementation tries to bring more public interaction utilizing the current smartphone, Internet as well as very common utility-phone by implementing an Interactive Voice Response system. It covers all major communication tools to ensure maximum participation from ordinary people. Combining all these, any service providing authority can get real time information from general public, act on them, increasing trust and confidence between people and service provider.

Accepted in IEEE SC2 2016, Fiji, Dec 8-10, 2016.