Design and Development of a Mobile Application based Drug Requisition System

Title Design and Development of a Mobile Application based Drug Requisition System
Authors Nazia Hasan Tuktuki (1120453042), A. T. M. Mosharof Hossain (1120496042), Hasibul Kabir (1211011042)
Semester Summer, 2016

In Bangladesh or other developing countries, drug stores or pharmacies generally keep a notebook where they maintain a list of drugs which are almost out of stock and when suppliers from different manufacture companies come to take order, the druggists give the recorded list for orders to the suppliers. Suppliers take the orders from the given lists of the drugs and go for further actions to deliver the drugs properly. Noting the drug-list and ordering the drugs to the different suppliers is time consuming and it hampers the service delivery during pick hours. From the suppliers’ perspective, it is equally time and resource consuming as they need to visit the pharmacies and collect orders. To mitigate this problem, a mobile application based solution is proposed in this paper where the druggists become able to quickly save the list of drugs and pass the list of drugs to appropriate supplier. The suppliers do not even need to visit the stores once they can access the website where the druggists upload their drug lists. Smartphones are becoming cheaper and are most popular around the globe. Thus this environment friendly ‘pen-paperless’ android based application can be an efficient solution to save the druggists’ and suppliers’ time by reducing the extra time for drug requisition. The solution has been designed, implemented and tested to show the effectiveness of the solution.

Accepted in IEEE SC2 2016, Fiji, Dec 8-10, 2016.