Design of an Indoor Mobility Vehicle

Title Design of an Indoor Mobility Vehicle
Authors Mohammed Zahed, M. A. Akib, Mohammed Mosabbir Hasan
Semester Fall, 2016

We have designed a three wheel electric vehicle that is capable of carrying one person to places inside indoor premises. The rider will have to stand on the vehicle, and accelerate using a grip accelerator on the handlebar in order to ride the vehicle. The vehicle contains two wheels at the front and one wheel at the rear. The rear wheel is connected to an electric motor through a chain that produces all the driving force required to move the vehicle forward. The electric motor is powered by a rechargeable battery pack.

As demanded by the 21st century, the size of the Airports, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Universities, Hospitals, Warehouses, Industrial Sites have multiplied a number of times, so has the need for fast mobility and security inside these humongous premises. Patrolling inside these premises can be a time consuming and tiring job to do. The vehicle that we designed can be used for patrolling purposes, increase the mobility of workers in industrial sites and warehouses, fast delivery of medical supplies inside hospitals and many more.

A few similar kinds of vehicles such as Segways, Ninebots, etc. are currently being used in some places mentioned above, but their extreme high price tags are a major disadvantage for them. Our main objective was to design a vehicle that will serve the purposes currently fulfilled by the existing similar vehicles, and is affordable, requires less maintenance and safe. There are some safety issues, as a Segway balances a rider on two wheels and accelerates or decelerates depending on how the rider tilts the vehicle. In case a rider loses his or her balance, and accidentally tilts the vehicle in the wrong orientation, it can result the vehicle to accelerate and hit something hard, causing injury to the rider. We tried to minimize the risk to the rider by including an extra wheel at the rear to make the vehicle more stable, and used a grip accelerator on the handlebar instead of a gyro accelerator.