Developing an e-commerce website

Title Developing an e-commerce website
Authors Sarker Muhammad Aniruddha Pyas, Muzahidul Islam, Syed Emdad Ullah
Semester Fall, 2015

s2g10p1This project outlines the development process of a full functioning, live e-commerce website which was intended to reflect “Kroy Korun”, a shopping outlet over the internet. It consists of with determining the use case, domain modeling, layering and architectural pattern of the web application. The entire development process is primarily divided into two parts: the front-end development and the back end development. PHP, a server side scripting language was embedded with Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) and CSS. It also focuses on database modeling in detail using the entity relationship (ER) diagrams. This is a complete functional website integrated with a lot of features. The products are categorized into different categories and integrated with a powerful search option. Inventory Management system is also integrated in the website. It notifies the admin and suppliers whenever a product quantity becomes less than five. There is a secured client database system that stores all the information of clients. Admin can update product information anytime from the admin panel section and moderate the product details.