Development of A secured system for readymade garments Industry

Title Development of A secured system for readymade garments Industry
Authors Farid Rahman, Mohammad Sabit Hossain
Semester Summer, 2016

The workers of the developing countries of the world do not have access to many easy resources and technology driven conveniences that workers in the developed countries usually take for granted. The breathtaking growth of garment industries in last two decades provided jobs to people in Bangladesh. But lack of safety measurement of garment workers and others related to garment industries make this sector vulnerable. But some small safety measurement can make an effective and much required improvement in overall safety of this sector. This paper describes an intuitive and low cost design and implementation of a secured system that utilizes the available resources at its best. The designed system is easily implementable without the need of expensive resources and can be used by people who are just moderately known about basic knowledge of its use. The implemented method of safety development will be especially useful to the owner of garment industries as well as other industries where safety of the workers is a must. The goal of the proposed project is to ensure safe workplaces in Bangladesh become the rule, not the exception, for all women and men employed in the Bangladesh Ready-Made Garment industries. It has been committed to working together to help implement lasting solutions.