Development of Smart Communication System for the Autistic and the Disabled

Title Development of Smart Communication System for the Autistic and the Disabled
Authors Shakil Ahmed, Nafis Farhan, Alimuddin Ahmed Ashfaq
Semester Summer, 2016

Using technology to improve the life-style of people with special needs has become a hot research topic in today’s world. The making of a smart device that can solve the communication issues faced by people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and disability is presented in this report. Fueled by the intent of bridging the communication gap between these people and the rest of the world, we have built a small portable device using basic electronic equipments that will allow them to stay in close contact with their family members; even if, they are miles apart from each other. A mere push of a button will notify everyone in the family of the current state of mind of the ASD and disabled people. Each button is loaded with a unique message in the form of audio ready to be launched off to loudspeakers that will play them as loud as possible. With this project we are aiming to get rid of the communication problems faced by disabled people and thus help them realize that technology can make their lives shine brighter than it has ever before. Our prototype can be used at homes as well as in hospitals, where patients other than disabled people can also find it useful to their needs. Before getting started we did some research on autism on the internet as well as made a trip to a place that schools autistic people. There we learned a great deal about the various methods used so far to educate and nurture them. One of the methods required the teachers to pronounce words slowly and repeat five times, then the students would be instructed to repeat after them.