Doctor and Health Care System

Title Doctor and Health Care System
Authors Sayeed Nayeem Ridwan, Kanaz Iffat Rishva, Lamia Hafiz
Semester Fall, 2015

healthcare p1

As it is the era of information technology people largely relied on online portal. Online portal help us to get wide range of information through web. It is always time consuming and hazardous to get an appointment in a specific time. It is hard to find a specific doctors within a location. So our aim is to on broad a system to give all facilities within a platform where people get medical suggestion, assistance and information related to health issues.

healthcare p2 This website has an appointment system where registered user can take appointments. Users can search doctors by locations or by their name. In other section users can ask query to doctors and doctors will provide a solution of the specific query. Users can comment in the blog where doctors share articles and videos. Users also can upload or download their important reports. We have created an Use Case, server and client side scripting techniques, Framework (CodeIgniter), programming language (such as PHP), relational databases (MySQL). Our main motive of creating this website is to save people’s time to get appointment in need of medical consultancy.