E-commerce webApp with auction functionality

Title E-commerce webApp with auction functionality
Authors Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Syed Monowarul Islam, Faysal Ahmed
Semester Fall, 2015

e-commerceThis project aims to develop a system that can provide higher valued goods at a lower price And Mass sell products. For this purpose we devised a system that combines the concept of crowd funding along with E-commerce and auction to deliver a system. In our website the Customer always wins and the seller gets to sell more products to make profits.  Our system utilizes the enthusiasm of participants to crowd fund a product and award the product to a single winner. In our system participants participate in an auction where the last bidder wins until the bid is closed. , the catch is that every bidder has to pay a small amount of money for him/her to call a bid.


Our website is launch ready and only lacking in some design segments. Our application is able to conduct simultaneous auctions as well as perform all the functionalities of a normal E-commerce website with its own admin panel.