Authors M.G.Tarik Khan(
Supervisor Dr. Sifat Momen
Semester Fall, 2018

If you really are a health conscious person, you are gonna be a fan
of our android operating system based diet consulting app
“EatFit”. And if you are not, you are going to be. The reason is Eat
Fit will bring your daily diet routine in such a cool and easy way
that you won’t even have to be bothered following it. Let me
explain first what a wellness or fitness application is. Basically it
track and record health or activity data about user. These types of
apps are developed to assist the user building a healthy lifestyle
motivating them to perform positive activities and improving
lifestyle choices. Three important words ‘food’, ‘exercise’ and
‘sleep’ can help to peruse physiological development and reduce
psychological issues like depression, anxiety etc. at the same time.