Efficient Design of a Metal Detector Equipped Remote-Controlled Robotic Vehicle

Title Efficient Design of a Metal Detector Equipped Remote-Controlled Robotic Vehicle
Authors Pretom Sarkar, Tania Alauddin, Md. Tamzid Islam
Semester Fall, 2015

s1g4p1Our project is focused on the design and implementation of an electronic metal detector equipped remote-controlled robot that can be used in land mine detection without putting humans in harm’s way. This project is about controlling a system based on Bluetooth. It is designed to develop a robotic vehicle that can sense metals ahead of it on its path similar to sensing land mines. It consists of a metal detector circuit interfaced to the control unit that alarms the user behind it about a suspected metal ahead. A metal detector circuit is mounted on the robot body and its operation is carried out automatically on sensing any metal underneath.

The controlling devices of the whole system are an Arduino, Bluetooth module and DC motors. User sends data by android smart phone and Bluetooth module receives those data. Then those data is fed as input to the Arduino. The Arduino acts accordingly on the DC motor of the robot. Using the android phone application the vehicle can be made to move in all the four directions. The Arduino is loaded with Embedded ‘C’ Languages program to achieve the task.A 555 timer have been used that filled the need of metal detection. We have also used 30SWG (0.315mm) enameled copper wire, winding 1000 turns on a circular former, 7mm in diameter to create a inductor of 10mh.

After mounting the metal detector on the robot body, the system performed as expected, which guaranteed us of the success of the robot. Also the output results from the oscillator of the metal detector shows a change of oscillation frequency. So the difference in frequency of IC 555 will make buzzer to sound different than usual. By this way this, the user can find the metal buried underneath the ground.

Use of readily available simple electronic components has made this design inexpensive and efficient. Further improvement of the design can make it an excellent choice for deployment and use in land mine infested areas.