Eshara: A Smart Glove To Translate Bangla Sign Language

Title Eshara: A Smart Glove To Translate Bangla Sign Language
Authors Rafijul Islam(1331231643), Farah Jabeen Omi(1330976043), Md. ShaiyanHaider(1330603045), MD.Husainul Islam Abir(1411104643)
Supervisor Dr. Shahnewaz Siddique
Semester Summer, 2018

Ability to express emotions is a universal human need. People who are “deaf and dumb”, “semi-deaf” and “semi-mute” can’t communicate with the general people using sign language. However most of the general people do not understand sign languages. To solve this problem we have developed a portable glove. This glove is designed to be used by “deaf and dumb”, “semi-deaf” and “semi-mute” people. The glove will capture the sign gestures of the wearer. The captured sign gestures are then translated into appropriate audio clips and played on speaker. For our project we focused on Bangla and English sign language .The glove is equipped with flex sensors and accelometer .Arduino mega analyses the sensor readings to identify the gesture.We made this cost efficient project to make sign languages much more easy for general people to understand.The current results include translation of 10 Bengali words,0-9 Bengali numbers and 10 words in English from sign language to speech.