Estatus: A result management system

Title Estatus: A result management system
Authors Mohmmed Faisal Ahmad Najee Md. Rakib Hassan
Semester Spring, 2016

It is an online grading system that is a project for north south university to manage the courses and students enrolled in every course. E-status is a website based grading system that will help the communication between students and teachers simpler. The main objective of the project was to create a stable and common environment for the teachers and students to communicate with each other. The project can be useful in managing the student’s records, teacher’s records, maintaining the grade distribution, video lectures and instant messaging between people. Every semester there is a hassle of finding a platform for the communication between teachers and students. It creates a big confusion among all. If different teachers use different platforms, it becomes difficult for the students to adjust to the changes. They have to learn how the whole system works. The project should provide the solution to the problems stated above. It will help in better communication between the teachers and students.