Fingerprint Based Class Attendance System using Wireless Network

Title Fingerprint Based Class Attendance System using Wireless Network
Authors Hasan Bin Mahbub, J. S. Mahboob, Farzana Sabur Ahmed
Semester Summer, 2016

In this paper a system has been proposed that takes and maintains a precise class attendance of students and records in an academic institute server automatically in Bangladesh. Managing attendance records of students of an institute is a tedious task Manually taking attendance in a paper register book wastes time, thus to make all the attendance related work automatic and on-line, an automated portable device has been created that uses fingerprint input to record attendance and stores the data on a web server. For efficiency, 9V battery has been used as power source and Wi-Fi has been used for connectivity medium. Inexpensive hardware and free software resources have been used to keep the cost lower, so that implementation of this device in developing countries’ classrooms becomes easier. Timing difference shows that an automated attendance device really cuts the attendance recording time short by a significant amount.