Gesture Control Smart Home

Title Gesture Control Smart Home
Authors Syed Samnun Mahmud (1210101043), Muhammad Faiyaz Bin Sajjad (121069043)
Semester Summer, 2016

This project describes the design and implementation of a system where various household electrical appliances such as lights, fans etc. and home security such as lock/unlock of the door is controlled by simple human gestures. Here we are basically using a micro-controller based design for developing a gesture controlled system which provides better consistency , environment independency, portable, lesser processing , low cost and energy efficient. This report discusses extensively how this system functions and what are the components required to design it. It also covers the theory behind the system and how the possibility of implementing this design globally will positively affect the society around us. Gesture controlled automation is a growing technology and this report also discusses the future scope of this design being implemented on a industrial scale and also how to make the design commercially viable.