GPS-based Automatic Antenna Management System and Satellite Tracking

Title GPS-based Automatic Antenna Management System and Satellite Tracking
Authors Monirul Islam (072283045), Rezwan Bin Kashem (062586045), Nadil Hassan (073649045), Rashedul Haq (063282545)
Semester Summer, 2016

Our project is to develop a Satellite Tracker and antenna management system useable for Satellite communication. This project is based on GPS so that we can calculate, track and communicate with satellites from anywhere of the earth. We want to track any Satellites orbiting around the Earth from anywhere of the globe and make alignment of the satellite antenna with the desire Satellite to establish communication. This device can show us the graphical representation of antenna angular movement and direction using Accelerometer + Gyro + Magnetometer (compass), so that we can see the graphical movement of the antenna. We are using programmable microprocessor Raspberry Pi and microcontroller Arduino to develop our project. Our device is portable so we can move it from one place to another easily. By using this technology, it is possible to develop a very low cost portable complete Satellite Ground Station. This device will make some advancement in satellite communication. This device is also useable in moving condition. We can communicate with satellites when we are moving with this device. So we set our goal for the device “Any Satellite from Any Where”.