Haptic Assistive Device For Visual Impaired People

Title Haptic Assistive Device For Visual Impaired People
Authors Nafi Ahmad, Arman Moin, Adnan Shihab Ahmed
Semester Fall, 2015

electronic aid
The target of the project was to aid the visually impaired people for better navigation. Currently there are many similar Electronic Travel Aid devices available for blind people but those are not affordable to common people. The project started with a vision to make assistive tool for the visually impaired people at an affordable price with unique features. Where most of the travel aids give feedback for front obstacle, our device has low hanging obstacle detection scheme embedded with GPS technology for locating the blind user. The project was successfully ended with the necessary requirements obtained from the target group. All the test results were satisfactory except the battery life, which was slightly deviating from our target. The most significant achievement of this project was to bring down the price of our device with GPS tracking system at around 6000 taka.