Hardware-based Design and Implementation of a Personalized Newspaper (PNP)

Title Hardware-based Design and Implementation of a Personalized Newspaper (PNP)
Authors Adnan Ahmed, Salmaan F. Bari, Sourov Chakrabarti
Semester Fall, 2015

People are reluctant to read newspapers. People tend to value time more than ever before. The newspapers out there are designed to have as much information as possible, asking the reader to filter the news themselves. This poses a threat to the time people willing to spend, and hence according to the recent data, people are moving away from printed newspaper to the online variants which are much faster and at times more personalized.

Our solution to the problem is very simple: only print out the content people will actually want to read. Individuals should be able to specify their interests and based on their interests, we will deliver the information they seek. We are keeping the printed material as the delivery system as we believe tangible materials form a more personal connection with the users, something which is impossible to replicate with digital versions.

The system leverages the power of the internet and uses its vast repository of the data to personalize the content specific to the individuals. This concept is called the ‘Internet of Things’. The printer will connect to the appropriate online services via their respective APIs and retrieve the information. The information will then be stored inside a buffer, which then redirects the content to the printer. The system uses thermal based printing which is comparatively more economic than inkjet based printing solutions.

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