Harvesting Energy Using A Portable Thermoelectric Generator

Title Harvesting Energy Using A Portable Thermoelectric Generator
Authors Chowdhury Majedur Rahman, Hasan Mahmood Meem, Zariful Islam
Semester Summer, 2016

Thermoelectric power generation is an emerging technology which can convert heat to electricity. A portable thermoelectric generator is a small scale portable device which converts thermal energy to electrical energy from a temperature gradient using the Seebeck effect and is capable of storing the energy in a battery. Solid state devices called thermoelectric modules consisting of a hot side and cold side are used for the energy conversion. This paper sheds light on the concept of thermoelectric power generation and how it was implemented to create a portable power storing device for low voltage applications. The ultimate goal of the work was to create a lowcost portable power source which can convert waste heat to usable electrical energy. The design has no moving parts and uses very simple electronic devices, all within a portable structure.