Hopes Under the Rubble

Title Hopes Under the Rubble
Authors Md.Salman(1330539642), Farhin Farhad Riya(1330559642), BM.Imran Hossain(1410050042)
Supervisor Dr. Shazzad Hosain
Semester Summer, 2018

We have designed an autonomous robot which can be used for knowing the unknowns under the rubble. Firstly as it is an autonomous robot, it can find path under the rubble on it’s own. It is designed in such way that it can sense the environmental parameters like air quality deep under the rubble, chances of gas leakage, fire alert, diversion in humidity and temperatures. The result of these variables are being transposed to a mobile app via Bluetooth module. The robot has a sensing ability for detecting humans or living objects under the rubble while moving through it’s path. We have also given the robot a feature of streaming the situation live. The camera features can also be controlled via another offsite device. We can turn on flash light if needed in a dark situation, we can swap the camera vision from back to front and the live streaming can also be recorded for about an hour. There is also a dominance of a two way communication with the victims who are stuck under the rubble.