IOT Smart Alarm Clock

Title IOT Smart Alarm Clock
Authors Mahamudul Haque Talukder, Ashraf Siddique Emon, Tonmoy Ahmed
Semester Fall, 2016

A smart alarm clock which will be designed using Raspberry Pi. This clock will contain an LCD monitor and we tried to integrated with Google calendar, but we failed to do that because API for google calendar is not free. So we Use free broker to send and receive alarm time. we send the alarm time using a PC from anywhere in the world the our raspberry pi will collect the time from the website and start the alarm. The clock will provide option to turn on online radio, wake up lights, Smart curtain and many more option to its user. Also, the alarm clock will detect whether the user is still on bed by using force sensitive resistor. Using this sensor, the alarm clock will be able to initiate intelligent steps to fulfill its goal.