Medication Reminder system

Title Medication Reminder system
Authors Kashfia Nowshin, Shadab Mamun, Miftaul Karim
Semester Fall, 2016

Medication error has been quite a severe problem in Bangladesh for a long time but very few serious measures have yet been adopted to overcome or reduce this. Especially for the elderly people who lives alone or who have to take their medicine at their own risk. They have a high level of morbidity, often with multiple health problems and hence are often prescribed several medicines Caring of the aged is of a serious concern in the developing countries. The percentage of the elderly population is increasing with the advancement of time in Bangladesh. In the modern age it is difficult for family members to be available all the time to support the aged. Today, in our society most families are nuclear. Elderly would prefer to remain independent and their desire for independence is natural, but it is a worry for their children. Sometimes despite their best effort, the aged fail to remember to take their medication on time. If they do not take proper medicine on time they may face sever health problem and it can even lead them to death. So it is becoming a very big issue which needs to be solved as early as possible. Automatic Medication dispensaries one such approach to help them taking their medicines efficiently. As the cost of in-home medical care rises, it has become more and more incumbent among individuals to opt for a device that effectively takes care of their medications.