Microcontroller Based Automatic Irrigation System

Title Microcontroller Based Automatic Irrigation System
Authors Salman Latif, Mir Omar Shaik
Semester Fall, 2015

irrigation p1The motivation for this project came from the countries where economy is based on agriculture. The farmers working in the farm lands are solely dependent on the rains and bore wells for irrigation of the land. Even if the farm land has a water-pump, manual intervention by farmers is required to turn the pump on/off whenever needed. The aim of our project is to minimize this manual intervention by the farmer, which is why we are using a micro-controller (Arduino Uno) The micro-controller based Automated Irrigation system will serve the following purposes: 1) As there is no un-planned usage of water, a lot of water is saved from being wasted.
2) The system will only work when there is not enough moisture in the soil and the microcontroller decides when should the pump be turned on/off, saves a lot time for the farmers. This also gives much needed rest to the farmers, as they don’t have to go and turn the pump on/off manually.

In short, the system has been able to fulfill the following objectives:
 Installation costs
 Water savings
 Minimal human intervention
 Reliability
 Low power consumption
 Less maintenance
 Maximum expandability