Minion: A robot that follows you

Title Minion: A robot that follows you
Authors Intisar Reza Abir Iffat Sharmin Shanim Susmita Paul
Semester Spring, 2016

minionOur project is focused on designing a robot with as easy or no controlling input. We have used five HCSR04 ultrasonic sensor module, 4 of them as receiver and 2 of them as transmitter. We are also using adafruit L293D motorshield to control 4 DC motor that runs the wheels. Both the motor shield and the receiver are connected to Arduino mega 2560. The chassis of the robot is made of hard plastic. And the receiver platform is made of partex. An IR sensor is also added in front of the robot for proximity awareness which is connect to the Arduino mega.

txFor the transmitter we are using an HCSR04 ultrasonic module sensor and Arduino uno the transmitter is connected to the Arduino. In our project, we have created a robot that will carry goods for the user to anywhere following him. It can lift upto 7 kg of load and move, with full charge it can roll up to 500 meter. During the implementation part, we faced some difficulty programming the movement logic due to ultrasonic interference in the closed room of the r obot. As we are new to Arduino programming the sensors were a bit hassle after researching on the movement logic we calibrated it. Some interference are still available but it is very rare. One problem is still available that is the IR sensor doesn’t work properly in sunny day in open place.