Mobile Phone to Mobile Phone Wireless Power Transfer

Title Mobile Phone to Mobile Phone Wireless Power Transfer
Authors Touhidul Islam, Kazi Shanjidul Hasan, Rifat Kamal Antora
Semester Fall, 2015

s1g3p1In recent times, Wireless Power Transfer technology has opened a window towards a new revolution. It changed the general perception of transferring power. Commonly known as WPT, this technology can ease the way of energy transmission widely. The system uses this technology to make an efficient power transfer system to transmit a low voltage power over a short distance. It aims to charge a phone with 5V energy transferred through resonating coils from an On-The-Go (OTG) supported phone. An OTG supported phone can deliver 5V DC output which we intend to use to charge another phone.

The simplicity of the system will make it user friendly. The objective of the system focuses on providing aninnovative solution to recharge mobile phones during the unavailability of proper charging outlets. The prototype of the system can be improvised further to implement it within the mobile phones. This will certainly help travelers or any individual to recharge their phones from a nearby charged phone, which iswilling to share the power, so that users can avoid their phone batteries to die out.

The system consists of two separate devices: A transmitter and a receiver. The devices are wirelessly coupled through a pair of coupling coils. The transmitter is connected to an OTG supported phone via OTG cable which makes the phone dissipate a fixed 5V DC supply. This supply power is passed to the receiving device connected to another phone which consequently provide sufficient power to charge the phone.

Mobile phone to Mobile Phone Wireless Power Transfer (M-to-M WPT) is expected to have similar interests, as of file sharing technologies via NFC or Wi-Fi, among smart phone users. Sharing power between phones might bring new innovation in recent mobile phone technologies. M-to-M WPT also provides a feasible solution to an individual to recover the battery of his/her phone from dying out when they are not near to a proper mobile charging solution.