Quadcopter Construction

Title Quadcopter Construction
Authors Md Shakirullah, Md Mizanur Rahman, Mahmudun Nabi
Semester Fall, 2015

quadcopterAn unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone and also referred to as an unpiloted aerial vehicle and which can be controlled remotely by an operator or can be controlled autonomously via pre-programmed flight paths. Using this concept we decided to make quadcopter at our own followed by Mr. Saad Azmeen-Ur-Rahman guideline as he is our faculty advisor. With very small budget, a small team, and a limited amount of time to complete this project we were started working. We therefore decided to leverage as many commercial components as possible. We used 8*4.5 propeller, 1400kv BLDC motor, 30A ESC, Atmega644 PA flight controller which has built in flight module for quadcopter, 2.4 GHz 6 channel Transmitter and receiver, 3300mAh 25C Lithium Polymer Battery for better lifetime, Plastic Frame for giving a proper shape. Our plan was lifting minimum 500g weight by using our quadcopter and minimum battery lifetime should be twenty minutes.

When we test pitch and roll of the quadcopter. The result of this test was that the quadcopter behaved as expected which we want. When the quadcopter responded as expected, it was considered a success. The video of testing our quadcopter can be found on our given video link. (https://youtu.be/hOnxz9hWoUc)

Results: We designed this quadcopter for lifting several weight. Our planed lifting weight was 500g without the quadcopter weight.

Our BLDC motor can lift 930g individually when it get maximum 12volt and used propeller size 8*4.5 , So four motor can lift (930gx4) = 3720g or 3.72kg

Quadcopter has its own weight of 1.3kg or 1300g. So it can lift extra 2420g or 2.42kg

During the test we successfully lifted .5kg or 500g extra weight by using our quadcopter.

After giving full charge of our battery we test our quadcopter and got 26.5 minutes battery lifetime. Where our expected battery lifetime was 28.29 minutes.

Percent error = | (Vtrue – Vused)/Vtrue | X 100

                        = | (28.29 – 26.5)/26.5 | X 100   = 6.7547%

We were tried to minimize the making cost of our project. The total expense of our project was twenty two thousand ten taka. If someone want to buy a quadcopter like us they need to pay more. Ending we can meet our goal successfully with the given time and small budget.