Real-Time Parking Management System

Title Real-Time Parking Management System
Authors Mahmudunnabi Mustakim, Sanjida Alam Meem, Md. Shakil Mahmud Shanto Bhuiyan
Semester Fall, 2016

Real-Time Intelligent Parking Management System is a hassle free way of Parking Lot management system. The population of the world is increasing day by day. In this industrialized world slow paced city development and mismanagement of parking has resulted parking related problems. The research about parking management is a time consuming process. It has both economic efficiency and social interactions effect. There are many networks companies all over the world but they cannot provide updated information of the parking facilities because of the lacking of collaboration between those companies and parking authority. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a system which has the all relevant information together for finding the parking vacancy.

The project which Real time intelligent parking management system provides RFID card for every car driver. Every driver who wants to enter the parking area have to scan there cards first. After scanning RFID card, display will show the validity of the car. Then the IR sensors that are fit at each parking slots will sense the empty parking lot and display will show which parking lot is empty. Then Barrier will shifted up.Then the car can go in. While Exit, it contains the same procedure. Driver will go to the exit zone with car. After scanning RFID card, barrier will be lifted up and the car can go out.

This project will reduce the time needed for searching and empty parking space and check the validity of the car for the parking lot. This project is a small initiative to establish Digital Bangladesh through digitizing the parking management system at low cost.