Real Time Vehicle Security System on Embedded Platform

Title Real Time Vehicle Security System on Embedded Platform
Authors Shafayet Ali, Nusrat Jahan Prova
Semester Fall, 2015

This project is an integrated system designed to detect vehicle intrusion and track stolen vehicles via GPS. The motivation behind designing this project was to build an affordable vehicle security which can solve the much arising vehicle theft crime.

This is an embedded system project which has both hardware and software parts. This system is designed to detect, alert, track and prevent any vehicle intrusion. The whole system is controlled with Arduino UNO. To detect intrusion a combination of PIR and ultrasonic sensor is used. When an unauthorized access is detected inside the vehicle, an intrusion alert text message is sent to the owner via GSM module. After detecting an intrusion, a 2 channel relay module which is placed inside the car will disconnect the ignition circuit. One of the relay switch will be placed in series with the ignition circuit and the other will be connected to the switch. If the intruder is still able to run away with the car, then the GPS module with 115200 baudrate will track the vehicle using a high gain antenna. As soon as the GPS gets the vehicle’s location position, the location co-ordinate will be sent to the owner via text message in the form of Google Maps web link. After sending the text GPS will still update the location and save it in the system. If the owner wants to know further location update, then he/she will have to ask the system with an SMS. The system will reply the owner with the updated location information. The system can be controlled via Bluetooth. That’s why we have programmed a Bluetooth module in the system and used a third party Android application.

This project yields to successful result. The system was able to detect intruder and able to create a two-way GSM communication between the system and the owner. The system is also able to control the relay switch. In terms on vehicle tracking, the GPS module was able to give the correct location information and the Arduino was able to decode the data and find the exact latitude and longitude. This system can be a welcome solution to the increasing number of vehicle intrusion occurring in our country. It is a onetime investment system which doesn’t include any monthly or yearly charges. So, we have been successful to find an affordable and easily operated solution to this much concerning issue.