Restaurant Mapping & Reservation System

Title Restaurant Mapping & Reservation System
Authors Kazi Bushra Al Jannat, Md. Nazmus Saqib, Abu Darda Mohammad Chiste, Najiba Naushin
Semester Fall, 2016

Our project is about Restaurant Mapping and Reservation System where we play our role in solving various problems faced by the people who go to restaurants for eating. It’s one of the most common problems that during rush hours people go to a certain restaurant and finds that all the seats are filled. So, we would try to solve this problem for these people, even before they enter the restaurant. For this, we are planning to make such a system which would be able to send live data from the tables of a particular restaurant to an website and, through live crowd monitoring system, the customers could see the availability of the seats before entering the restaurant. Also, if they want to seat in a particular table, they would also be able to make a reservation through our website. There would be sensors set in the table that could detect human presence or absences and send data to the microcontroller directly. The data will be digital and hence analyzed by the MCU. Then the MCU would send this analyzed data to our desired IP address through Wi-Fi. The website that we would make would contain various other features like location based restaurant search, basic reservation system, options to give ratings and write reviews, graphs generated from reviews and daily customer activity, current offers by the restaurants. All of these would solve the general problems faced by people who go to restaurants to eat. This system would be both beneficial for the restaurant owners and the customers because the owners will be able to use the reviews, graphs and charts to improve or alter their services and the customers will be able to contribute to the betterment of the restaurants and also provide valuable information for other users of the website as well as use the restaurant mapping system to choose a convenient restaurant for eating or just book tables beforehand.