RFID Based Marketing Solution

Title RFID Based Marketing Solution
Authors Arshiful Islam Shadman, Fatima Faheem Radia, Kazi Zawad Arefin
Semester Fall, 2016

Shopaholics tend to look for featured products in a shopping mall. They go from one shop to another and browse through hundreds of product before deciding what to buy. Moreover, people also want to find out existing shops in a shopping mall of a particular category. In addition, strolling through huge shopping malls containing many shops, selling diverse products can be a troublesome job, since it might take a while to locate the shop selling the desired product. A solution could be to use such a system that will help customers to quickly look into the category of products the market must offer, the products available for each category, product specifications and a navigation option that will apprise the user about the store in which the products are available. We have chosen Near Field Communication (NFC) tags, one of the promising technological advancements in IT industry, to solve the problem. Shops are scattered all around the shopping mall, located in various floors. What makes the shops distinguishable is the type of products they sell. So we have a main poster that contains all the categories and an NFC tag for each category. By tapping on a particular category, a web page in the device’s browser is initiated which contains all the shops that falls under that category. The user can browse through the web page to see the products available under each shop and can also browse through other categories as well. So the system helps users to find their desired product fast by sorting the shops and products according to their respective categories. The main idea here is to orient users by NFC enabled mobile phones which also have an indoor navigation application. The application orients the user by collecting the destination point from user; NFC enabled mobile device gathers the current position from the nearest NFC tag (by touching the NFC tag) and shares the coordinate data with the application and enable the customers to locate their desired products.